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    1 Week Advertisement Slot

    This Package is for those who would like to have their Advertisement hosted above the footer of all of our webpages!
    Refunds are NOT available. All Sales are Final.

    What does this do:

    • After purchasing, an Administrator will contact you about your purchase, and to get details of our Advertisement.
    • Once the details are finished, and agreements are set, your Ad will be live for 7 Days.
    • After the 7 Days, you may renew your Ad for an additional $5.00 USD/week.


    Advertisements CONNOT contain ANY other Role-Playing/Gaming Communities without Permission.
    All sales are final. If you have a Question, Ask BEFORE Purchasing! Additional Ads are available for other platforms.

  • Privacy Policy

    All information that is required on this webstore is not shared with any other third parties.
    Personal information is collected so that we can fulfill your order and deal with issues, and is never shared with any other third parties.

    Return/Refund Policy

    Any Refund and Return requests are on a case by case basis and are issued at our sole discretion. Refund and Return requests must be made within fourteen (14) days of original purchase date.
    Purchasing a package or subscribing, without parental permission is not applicable to a Refund or Return. If you purchase a package, just to get access to exclusive items Refunds and Returns are not applicable in any way. Purchasing a package, or subscribing, will Not make you a Staff member, in any way shape or form. All Priority Network Rules and Guidelines apply for everyone who purchases a package and/or subscription. Users you purchases a package are not treated any differently than Members, Senior Members, Trusted Users, Partners, Staff Team, etc. If a Member that has purchased a package, but he or she decides to leave Priority Network, on Bad Terms, they forfeit All perks that he or she has gained.

    For more information, please contact Dakota Campbell, RamboTheGamer, via Discord or Website.

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