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  • Please read ALL Requirements, Prior, to applying for any position.


  1. Trial Staff Application

    Welcome to the
    Priority Network's
    Staff Team Application!
    We are sorry for the inconvenience.
    Are you ready to take your Membership at Priority Network to a whole new level? Join Priority Network's Staff Team today!
    Must be at least sixteen (16) years of age. Must be a member for at least one (1) month. Must have Priority Network's Basic Membership or Higher. Must be active within the community (At least 4 hours per week on the Game Servers) Must be compliant with All Priority Network Rules. Must be compliant with Priority Network's Staff Code of Conduct. (Contact a Staff Member for a copy) Must be willing to complete a Verbal Interview. Must be willing to go by your Real, Legal, Name. After Submitting Notes:
    Your application will start it's overview and discussion period. Application Overview and Discussion is handled by the Management Team. Overview and Discussion period can take up to 1 week depending on availability. After the Overview and Discussion period is completed, you will be notified by a member of the Management Team. If you are accepted, the Probation period will commence. Probation period is a 2 week period, in which, failure to obey the SCoC, will lead to removal from the Staff Team. If you are accepted, you will start out on the Staff Team as a Trial Staff Member.** The Trial Staff period can be up to 8 weeks depending on your activity within the different parts of Priority Network. Promotions are NOT confined to a linear progression (Ie. You could be promoted, and skip a rank). If you are denied, you are not allowed to re-apply for 4 weeks. However, if you wish to re-apply after the wait, your Application will be kept on file.
    If changes are needed to your application, please open a Support Ticket. Important Notice:
    When filling out this application, in the "Description" field, please fill out any information that you deem to be important, After filling out all of the other questions. Please DO NOT Message, Ping, Spam ANY Chats, or Harass ANYONE, about your application. If you do so, your application can be rejected immediately.   
    *   -   We are currently working on a better system to cut down the approval/denial wait time.
    **  -   Past Staff Members, that leave on GOOD terms, can be granted their position back.

    Position: Staff

    Number of places: Unlimited

    Applicants: 10


  2. Member Application

    Welcome to the
    Priority Network Membership
    Application Page!
    Please continue to the next page before submitting an Application.
    Are you ready to make the next step into membership? Well?
    Of course you are!
    Please review the Requirements for Membership and What to do After submitting, and of course what Not to do (Found  Below), then click "Apply". After you're done filling out the application, submit it.
    Please Note: DO NOT Message/Ping/etc. ANY Member or Staff Member in regards of your application. If 3 Days (THREE), without any application actions, please open a "Membership Application Discussion" ticket on the Discord Server.
    Please continue to the next page before submitting an Application.
    Membership Requirements:
    Must be at least 16 (SIXTEEN) Years of Age. Must be able to Speak and Understand English. Must be Active on both the Game Server(s), in the Discord Server(s), and on the Website. Must have a Working Microphone, preferably a decent headset at least. Please continue to the next page before submitting an Application.
    Question: I've Submitted my Application, and I haven't heard anything.
    Answer: If you just submitted the application, please allow up to 3 Days (THREE) for your application to be handled. This time amount varies depending on the availability of the Recruitment team.
    If you DO NOT hear anything about your application, please open a "Membership Application Discussion" Ticket on the Discord.
    Question: I have a Referral Code from a member. how do I use it?
    Answer: Located within the Application, there will be a location to submit your Referral code. Please note, referral codes are No Longer than 10 Characters in length, ranging from letters to numbers.
    Question: I was previously a Member of Priority Network. How do I join again?
    Answer: If you have the option to, submit and application, then, open a "Membership Application Discussion" Ticket on the Discord Server.
    Question: My friend is on here, and I want to join.
    Answer: If your Friend has a Referral Code, please use it within the application. If not, state that you heard about us via a Member.
    Now, Submit an Application!!!

    Position: Member

    Number of places: Unlimited

    Applicants: 202


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