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    1. Squad Leaders must have a proper SL kit.
      1. This can be the regular Squad Lead Kit, Lead Pilot, or Lead Crewman
    2. Any vehicle that requires a crewman role, requires 2 crewman in the vehicle.
      1. This is to ensure that the vehicles are utilized properly since they are in limited quantity.
    3. Intentional or retaliatory teamkilling is not allowed
      1. If you accidentally teamkill, promptly apologize in chat.
    4. Play the objective
      1. The objective can be fortifying a point already captured at the command of your squad lead, or pushing the next point to capture it.
  • Meet our Squad Staff Team

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      Executive Director
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      Community Director
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  • Squad Announcements

    • As many of you know, we have decided to get rid of Minecraft a long while ago. Although, at the time we didn't foresee anything taking MC's place in the community, we have decided to take a step to expand our community further by introducing a Squad Server. Our Squad server is fully licensed by OWI (the Squad developers) and boasts the Priority Network way of life! We look forward to the fun we have the possibility to have and the community we can foster for this game, continuing our philosophy of having realistic gameplay mixed with fun for the perfect gaming experience for both simulation players, and casual players.   You can find our server on Squad-Servers @ https://squad-servers.com/server/28012/, which will help you connect to the server and to check our status!   Thank you for supporting us through the transformations we have undergone recently! @A. Bryant | Executive Director
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