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Priority Network FiveM Server Update v1.2

Released 01/24/2022

Key Changes

As of 01/24/2022 @ 12:00 AM EST;

  • Added in seatbelt scripts
    • Default keybind is INSERT
  • Added Scully_Core to handle FiveRP based roleplay
    • LEO Toolbox, EMS Toolbox, proximity chat, roleplay commands, and AOP Scripts.
  • Readded Realistic AI Vehicles
    • Testing and Monitoring Performance, expect tweaks in future.
  • Removed vMenu Voice Chat handling
  • Added PMA-Voice with Scully_Radio
    • Uses default chat bind and adds default voice chat proximity
    • Can tune to a radio channel by using /radio command and communicate in RTO channels with other officers
      • Default frequencies will be announced in the coming days.
  • Adjusted K9 Script donator reward to Level 3 Donators and above.


Applications for FiveRP departments are currently open, and members are encouraged to apply via the webpage @ https://prioritynetwork.net/fivem/fiverp !

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