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  2. A. Bryant

    UPDATE: We are currently looking into a script that is meant to bypass the default services from FivePD, and trying to get it to work in our server!
  3. A. Bryant

    AI Backup Not Working

    We are aware of the issue regarding the Ambulances, Coroners, Prisoner Transports, Animal Control, Mechanics, Taxis, and such not working properly and not doing the job they were called out to do. Our fix for the time is to call for "Off Rotation" for all of these and use either /fdv or /fdp for the time being for vehicles, dead AI, and prisoners you do not want to transport (also counts for people who you would call a taxi for). Our fix for the time for mechanics are to call for "Off Rotation" mechanics and repair your vehicle with vMenu, or drive to the nearest repair shop and type /repair. We are currently looking into a script fix for the issue stated above.
  4. A. Bryant

    Broken Vehicle Carcols

    SP3 4 Donator Vehicles Fixing...
  5. A. Bryant

    FiveM Server Update v1.2.1

    As of February 1st, 7PM Restart; Added new LEO pack with new LSPD and BCSO Liveries. Added new SASP Pack Updated handling on SP Pack Updated HP pack Added new vehicles based on FHP Added HP EUP
  6. A. Bryant

    Known PMA Voice Issues

    We have noticed some PMA Voice issues with the radio clicks. Known Issue: Some players not being able to hear mic clicks when transmitting on the radio. We currently do not have a fix for this issue, and are working tirelessly with the developer of the plugin to fix the issue for all players
  7. A. Bryant

    We are expecting a bunch of issues to be fixed when the new FivePD comes out sometime in 2022.
  8. A. Bryant

    Changed Status to Fixed
  9. A. Bryant

    Helped some user with this bug, and found a fix that can be used for some users. Check keybinding, and reset keybinding. Relog and try to reconnect to radio.
  10. A. Bryant

    Changed Status to Confirmed
  11. A. Bryant

    Some users are having issues replying on the radio even when in the channel.
  12. A. Bryant

    Changed Status to Unconfirmed
  13. A. Bryant

    Issues with Scully Radio

    Radio issues. People can hear others but can’t reply Tried changing channels still no fix
  14. As many of you know we have a TeamSpeak 3 server that has not been used, we will be phasing out TeamSpeak in June 2022 for use of PMA-Voice and Roleplay Radios that use FiveM's default mumble integration. What changes for you? Absolutely nothing if you haven't used the TeamSpeak server!
  15. A. Bryant

    FiveM Server Update v1.2

    As of 01/24/2022 @ 12:00 AM EST; Added in seatbelt scripts Default keybind is INSERT Added Scully_Core to handle FiveRP based roleplay LEO Toolbox, EMS Toolbox, proximity chat, roleplay commands, and AOP Scripts. Readded Realistic AI Vehicles Testing and Monitoring Performance, expect tweaks in future. Removed vMenu Voice Chat handling Added PMA-Voice with Scully_Radio Uses default chat bind and adds default voice chat proximity Can tune to a radio channel by using /radio command and communicate in RTO channels with other officers Default frequencies will be announced in the coming days. Adjusted K9 Script donator reward to Level 3 Donators and above. Applications for FiveRP departments are currently open, and members are encouraged to apply via the webpage @ https://prioritynetwork.net/fivem/fiverp !
  16. A. Bryant

    Certain callouts not working

    There are certain callouts that aren't working. Please open a support ticket if you encounter one of these callouts, and provide the name of the callout and information about the callout (I.E how it didn't work)!
  17. A. Bryant

    Junior Moderator Application

    Places: Unlimited

    Applicants: 5

    Welcome to the Priority Network's Staff Team Application! WARNING! DUE TO AVAILABILITY ISSUES, WAIT TIMES CAN BE UP TO, OR EXCEED 2 WEEKS.* We are sorry for the inconvenience. Are you ready to take your Membership at Priority Network to a whole new level? Join Priority Network's Staff Team today! Requirements: Must be at least sixteen (16) years of age. Must be a member for at least one (1) month. Must have Priority Network's Basic Membership or Higher. Must be active within the community (At least 4 hours per week on the Game Servers) Must be compliant with All Priority Network Rules. Must be compliant with Priority Network's Staff Code of Conduct. (Contact a Staff Member for a copy) Must be willing to complete a Verbal Interview. Must be willing to go by your Real, Legal, Name. After Submitting Notes: Your application will start it's overview and discussion period. Application Overview and Discussion is handled by the Administration Team. Over and Discussion period can take up to 2 weeks depending on availability. After the Overview and Discussion period is completed, you will be notified by and Administrator. If you are accepted, the Probation period will commence. Probation period is a 2 week period, in which, failure to obey the SCoC, will lead to removal from the Staff Team. If you are accepted, you will start out on the Staff Team as a Junior Moderator.** The Junior Moderator period can be up to 8 weeks depending on your activity within the different parts of Priority Network. Promotions are NOT confined to a linear progression (Ie. You could be promoted, and skip a rank). If you are denied, you are not allowed to re-apply for 4 weeks. However, if you wish to re-apply after the wait, your Application will be kept on file. If changes are needed to your application, please open a Support Ticket. Important Notice: When filling out this application, in the "Description" field, please fill out any information that you deem to be important, After filling out all of the other questions. Please DO NOT Message, Ping, Spam ANY Chats, or Harass ANYONE, about your application. If you do so, your application can be rejected immediately. * - We are currently working on a better system to cut down the approval/denial wait time. ** - Past Staff Members, that leave on GOOD terms, can be granted their position back.
  18. We are planning to add the ability to roleplay as towing, DOT, fire, and EMS in the coming months. The rollout will be subtle, with very minor changes occurring at first. There will be no SOPs but will be done on a basic application process, and if misused, or abused will be punished as FailRP. Roadmap for implementation: Beta Testing Implement to live server and enjoy! Features of implementation: Stretcher script for the ambulances! Towing script for the tow trucks! Access to change signs (integrated by SmartSigns) for the DOT.
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